Our Story

An Idea was Born

Dr. Matt Leavitt, a Stanford trained pathologist, became frustrated by the inefficiencies and problems in the traditional diagnostic process. He believed there was a better way. Dr. Leavitt quickly realized the global impact that could be made, and founded LUMEA to modernize the practice and delivery of diagnostic medicine.

Building a Team

Dr. Leavitt knew that in order to create the best digital platform he needed to build a strong, multidisciplinary team. He gathered together IT, lab tech, software developers, pathologists, inventors, sales teams, and marketers and founded LUMEA, Inc. in 2014.

The growing team has implemented the LUMEA platform in clinics and labs across the country and is conducting more research and development to expand into new types of cancer.

What's Next

LUMEA will continue to expand its platform to serve cancer patients around the world. LUMEA is harnessing artificial intelligence which will provide opportunities for the development of new, more personalized cancer diagnostics and treatments that will lay down the stepping stones to finding the cures for all forms of cancer.

LUMEA’s mission is to transform cancer diagnostics through a digital diagnostic platform to improve patient care. Meet the team that makes this dream a reality.

Meet the Team